Our Little Family...

Alex Maechler

I'm the slacker, the lazy one, who finds the quickest and easiest way to get something done while maintaining quality. 

Mark Patee

He's the hard worker and over achiever of the family, making everything he touches as perfect as possible.


He is the newest addition to our household. Ponyo calls him the angry puppy because he constantly want to fight her. He can be a little sweetie, but he rather play. 



She hasn't met you, but you're already her best friend. Known for being the dog whining because you walked by not petting her. 

What do we do? 

Alex is a licensed insurance agent in the state of Florida to write Property & Casualty policies. He works in customer service for Itelbpo from home.
Mark is a licensed insurance agent in the state of Florida. He works in the Property and Casually Department focusing on new business at Fiorella Insurance Agency, Inc. in Stuart Florida. 

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